Treating for termites, used to be a once and done thing: We would treat the foundation during construction, and this treatment would last a lifetime. However, over the past several years, environmental concerns have led us to use a much “safer” and yet less durable chemical. These more environmentally friendly chemicals must be reapplied every five to ten years, depending on the chemical, to maintain their effectiveness.  Reapplying these chemicals in an effective manner is a costly and intrusive process: Every five to ten years, holes must be drilled in interior slabs, basements, garages, and porches; a trench must be dug on both sides of the foundation and sealed crawl spaces must be broken! NOT ANY MORE! Alexander Exterminating has the solution for North Carolina!



The Termguard system is a custom designed purpose-built reticulated, replenishable system to provide safe, effective and reliable long-term termite management. Originated in Australia, it has undergone continued monitoring and examination by international regulatory authorities and leading industry experts. It has been successfully used to protect more than 150,000 structures in Australia, United States, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines over the past 25 years.

With Termguard, both home and building owners are guaranteed a quality product offering the following benefits:

  • Targets termites at direct source of entry.
  • Industry-leading 50-year warranty.
  • Eliminates environmental concerns of potential spray drift during termiticide application.
  • No disruptive of invasive construction work required to retreat areas. Periodically replenishable system.
  • Termguard is the only long-term, affordable termite management program you will need to safeguard your building and your investment from termite damage.

Alexander Exterminating offers two system options to builders, homeowners, and building owners alike. All fully installed, injected, and able to be replenished with termite management agents and warranted for the life of the building.

    • Option 1: Perimeter and Penetrations Retreatment System: The Perimeter and Penetrations Retreatment System are technically proven to comply with the Building Codes Board through ABCB Certification. The System provides an effective pre-treatment and replenishable Termite Management System around the perimeter of the structure plus all service penetrations of monolithic, infill/floating or suspended designs.
    • Option 2: The Ultimate System: The Ultimate System offers the most extensive chemical pre-treatment and re-treatment program for a home or building and the choice for high-activity termite areas. The Ultimate System was developed to provide maximum protection against subterranean termite infestation by delivering termiticides to the full underslab and perimeter of the building.