General Pest Control

Alexander Exterminating’s six step Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) was designed to ensure a thorough, effective pest control solution no matter what issues you’re having.

In an effort to better serve you, we’ve implemented both an online resource of Labels and MSDS and an online Request Service form.

Ornamental and Turf

Alexander Exterminating offers ornamental and turf insect control. In lawn care, “ornamental” refers to flowers and shrubbery while “turf” refers to your lawn.

Alexander Exterminating’s solutions range from spot-treating ant hills or other problem areas to a complete treatment of the entire yard.

Wood Destroying Insects

Wood-destroying insects include carpenter ants, carpenter bees, old-house borers, powder-post beetles, and termites: both dry wood & subterranean.

Termite Information

The most common concern in North Carolina is the Reticulitermes flavipes, better known as the eastern subterranean termite. They are called eastern subterranean termites because they are commonly found in underground colonies in the eastern states of the U.S. Each colony is made up of primary reproductive, secondary reproductives, soldiers, and workers. Each colony has only one primary queen whose sole purpose is to reproduce. The primary queen can lay thousands of eggs per year and live up to 30 years, with a colony numbering in the millions! The secondary reproductives also lay eggs, but they typically only live a few years. Soldiers guard the nest while workers build and feed the colony. The workers are the ones that can destroy your home!

Alexander Exterminating offers both chemical treatments and termite bait systems to control termites. For those that prefer to forgo chemical treatments, the termite bait system is a natural fit.

In order to protect your home from termites, we recommend that you put your home under our renewable termite warranty. Our warranties include both re-treatment and up to $25,000 damage coverage.

As an alternative, we offer termite inspections with no warranty that are performed either on a set yearly schedule or on a one-time basis.

Honey Bee Removal

Alexander Exterminating offers safe, chemical-free honey bee removal of the bees and their combs in either or both the exterior and interior of your home. Since they are a beneficial insect, the bees are not destroyed, they are simply relocated to a more suitable location.

For an additional fee, we can offer our non-invasive thermal imaging services to help locate hidden or difficult nests.

Infrared Thermography

Alexander Exterminating, through our Level-1-Certified Infrared Thermographer utilizing a camera, offers non-contact, non-destructive thermal imaging services for any number of applications. We offer both standalone imaging services as well as integrated imaging/pest control services.

Tip: An infrared camera measures surface temperatures and the study of these thermal patterns across the surface of an object is known as “infrared thermography”.

Our thermography services extend to: Pest Management, Mold Remediation, Building Envelope Inspections and Insulated Flat Roof Inspections…..

Wildlife Control

Alexander Exterminating provides residential and commercial customers professional wildlife control and removal. We utilize the latest wildlife removal technology to provide responsible animal control solutions.

Mold Remediation

Do you have allergies or other health issues that you suspect may be due to fungi, including mold? Moisture buildup, with the ensuing mold buildup, can be an issue in both the newer, tighter, energy-efficient homes as well as established homes built under an outdated building code.

Another interesting fact is that moisture laden insulation has only a fraction of the designated “R” value. Lower “R” values mean cold floors and higher utility bills!

Alexander Exterminating provides mold inspections and remediation of both the mold and the moisture-laden breeding ground. Our solutions include a multifaceted approach to both mold and moisture control, such as:

  • Locate Mold, fungi spores and the moisture conducive to their growth.
  • We offer our thermal imaging services, for an additional fee, to locate hidden or tough-to-find mold and moisture issues.
  • Mold identification as requested (additional charges may apply)
  • Clean wood surfaces of fungi spores.
  • Installation of vapor barriers.
  • Installation of temperature-controlled vents.
  • Installation of crawlspace power vents.
  • Installation of high-efficiency crawlspace dehumidifiers in more extreme cases.
  • Treat wooden surfaces to prevent fungi spores from growing and prevent moisture from being absorbed into the wood.
  • We offer a renewable retreatment warranty to the treated areas of your home.