mold-remediation-5Do you have allergies or other health issues that you suspect may be due to fungi, including mold? Moisture buildup, with the ensuing mold buildup, can be an issue in both the newer, tighter, energy-efficient homes as well as established homes built under an outdated building code.

Another interesting fact is that moisture laden insulation has only a fraction of the designated “R” value. Lower “R” values mean cold floors and higher utility bills!

Alexander Exterminating provides mold inspections and remediation of both the mold and the moisture-laden breeding ground. Our solutions include a multifaceted approach to both mold and moisture control, such as:

  • Locate Mold, fungi spores and the moisture conducive to their growth.
  • We offer our thermal imaging services, for an additional fee, to locate hidden or tough-to-find mold and moisture issues.
  • Mold identification as requested (additional charges may apply)
  • Clean wood surfaces of fungi spores.
  • Installation of vapor barriers.
  • Removal and replacement of damaged materials such as insulation and sheetrock.
  • Installation of temperature-controlled vents.
  • Installation of crawlspace power vents.
  • Installation of high-efficiency crawlspace dehumidifiers in more extreme cases.
  • Treat wooden surfaces to prevent fungi spores from growing and prevent moisture from being absorbed into the wood.
  • We offer a renewable retreatment warranty to the treated areas of your home.